Facts & Questions  

Poking Wire
A poking tie-in wire may be pushed back under the archwire with a pencil eraser or Q-tip. Placing a piece of wax on the area may also hap minimize any irritation to the lip or cheek area. A poking archwire may be bent back with the back of a spoon; trimmed with a nail cutter (if it is a beginning archwire) or placing the wax in the area to minimize cheek irritation. You may also contact our office for an appointment to trim the archwire.

Broken removable appliance/retainer
Contact the office as soon as possible if you are unable to wear your removable appliance for any reason. An appointment will be scheduled to evaluate your situation that may include adjusting or replacing the removable appliance.

Loose band/bracket
Although it is uncommon to have a loose band (a brace that goes around the tooth; generally placed on back teeth) or loose bracket (a brace glued to the front of the tooth) it may be removed by cutting the colored a-lastic and removing the bracket from the wire or if not irritating the patient maybe be left in place until the next appointment can be scheduled. Contact the office if you are wearing rubber bands that are connected to the loose bracket so we can advise you as to the best option.

Broken archwire
The archwire may be removed and/or trimmed to the patient's comfort. Contact the office a soon as possible to have the archwire replaced.

General Soreness
Each patient has a different level of tolerance following an adjustment of the archwire. The use of an over the counter pain reliever is helpful to those who experience mild discomfort. It is advisable for those who are more sensitive to adjustments to take a pain reliever prior to the their adjustment appointments.



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